About Sustanance

“Allowing spectators to reconnect with nature and Earth’s sustenance.”


Sustenance is a feature-length documentary about food's journey around the world, exploring controversies revolving around food and its interconnectedness with justice, climate change, and sustainability.

The documentary unfolds many popular myths on topics such as plant-based diets, healthy and nutritional foods, ethical eating, food politics, industrial agriculture, and how to attain a sustainable lifestyle. Sustenance focuses on an outspoken socio-political approach to discovering where our food really comes from and how it genuinely affects the health of other people, other species, and ultimately our planet.
Created by siblings Yasi Gerami and Davoud Gerami, it took more than five years of research and development to bring this project into existence. So far, the documentary has been shot in more than twenty regions around the world and is now reaching the final stages of production.

While the documentary’s content focuses on an informative yet shocking look at the history of food politics, the meditative cinematic journey around the world will be allowing spectators to reconnect with nature and Earth’s sustenance.
Sustenance participants are worldly-known food activists and experts, authors, environmentalists, farmers, figures such as Lierre Keith, Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, Nora Gedgaudas, and Derrick Jensen. The Sustenance team is an outstanding collaboration with independent, talented, and passionate film-makers, videographers, photographers, artists, and local artisans, living around the world and connecting through a united lens and a unified story.


"It all started with a personal story, a book, and a big dose of truth serum." says writer, director, and producer Yasi Gerami.


"I was passionate about nature, animals, and what's happening to our current food system, our health, and our planet Earth. Vegetarianism and later on Veganism sounded like a convenient solution to the world food's politics, nutrition, justice, and sustainability. Like many other passionate foodies, I followed the diet until it started affecting my health condition. Incidentally, I got into a discussion with my acupuncturist while complaining about numerous signs of newly developed sicknesses I was experiencing. "Read this book and let's talk again," said the wise man. I remember reading the book, throwing it away, crying, rereading it, and this agony went on for a few weeks until I finally opened my eyes and absorbed these pieces of information. After all, I wasn't alone in this journey. Our current Western food system is attracting people into acceptance of numerous myths on food, therefore, creating a new "healthy" trend within the industrial agriculture food market that targets especially children and teenagers." she continues,


Together with her brother, and film-maker Davoud Gerami, they went on a journey in Central Asia and the Middle East region visiting and living amongst farmers, nomads, and the indigenous people and documenting their daily challenges and lifestyles affected by industrial agriculture, the climate change, and desertification.

"It took us many years to thoroughly research and understand the nature of the problem with agriculture-based food and diet. We found an ocean of information and evidence to what the current Western agriculture-based diet and lifestyle is doing to our Earth.
So we decided to turn it into a documentary!"
Says Yasi.