Yasi Gerami


Yasi Gerami is an Iranian-Canadian artist, founder of Bluearth Films, and a world wanderer. She was born in Shiraz, Iran and is based in Toronto, Canada. Yasi started her primary film production training at Ryerson University and graduated from The Film School of Fine Arts at York University in Toronto. Her enthusiasm in topics such as socio-political justice for world refugees and women's rights nominated her two short documentaries Away From The Walls and A Day With Lev at The CineSiege Film Festival. She edited Rice Balls in the same year which was also nominated at The CineSiege Film Festival. Yasi is the editor of the award-winning short documentary Guerilla.
Yasi’s first feature length documentary, Sustenance, is about food's journey around the world, exploring controversies revolving around food and its interconnectedness with justice, climate change, and sustainability.

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Davoud Gerami

director of photography / co-Producer

A cosmopolite by nature, Davoud is a filmmaker and visual artist with an MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. His experience with the cinematic medium spans over two decades and has taken him to the four corners of the blue planet. His feature-length documentary Iran: Voices of the Unheard made some noise at human rights film festivals on both sides of the Atlantic. He’s currently in post-production with his new documentary film Age of Iron; a poetic critique of global labour and resource management, shot in more than fifteen countries. He feels honoured to be a part of the Sustenance project.




Reza Shirvani

Reza Shirvani is an award winning Iranian-Canadian film editor based in Toronto, Canada. He was always passionate about art and he attended Iran Radio and TV specialized High school where he found himself a great fit. Reza earned his Bachelor's degree in Filmmaking from Soureh School of art in Tehran, Iran, in 2000. While at university, Reza made a good impression on his editing professor and after graduation, he started working as editor assistant with Bahram Dehghani. Reza became independent film editor after 4 years of practical experience in the editing room with Bahram. In 2004, Reza was the film editor on Kandeloos Gardens (Bagh-haye Kandeloos) directed by Iraj Karimi. Reza won best editing award for Barefoot in Paradise (Pa Berahneh Dar Behesht) directed by Bahram Tavakolli in 2007. Reza moved to Canada in 2010 after 10 years of professional experience and he founded REZARA Production with his partner in 2014. The company has made 6 short films in Canada and is specialized in post production services.

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Priska Seisenbacher, born in 1990, lives in Vienna (Austria). She studied German philology as well as history. She worked two years as a research fellow for the Elfriede-Jelinek-Forschungszentrum (Elfriede-Jelinek-Research centre), therefore she wrote the monograph Ökonomie und Gender. Künstlerische Reflexionen von Frauen in Österreich zwischen 1968 und heute and presently works as a secondary school teacher.
Her first work as a travel photographer was a book about the sights of Iran published by Bruckmann. For her portfolio about Afghanistan and Arunachal she won the Timothy Allen Scholarship Award of Xposure International Photography Festival. She is currently working on a new book with her partner Andreas.




Andreas Schörghuber, born in 1986, lives in Vienna (Austria). He studies history as well as geography and focuses on cultural identity. In 2016 he published his first book about Iran together with his partner Priska Seisenbacher. Andreas' current project, in cooperation with Priska, is a new book about Iran.




In telling a story visually, I strive to be an artist every time I record visuals with a camera. Every photo shoot, every film, I have directed - while often similar in ritual - is the portrayal of someone's life and evolution of their story. I seek to tell this story through a photo-journalistic essay infused with a sense of artistry - to capture the feelings of the theme as well as to document the subtle nuances. With the collaboration of cast and crew, the personality of a project emerges and imparts a realism to the images that forever speaks to the viewer. I believe that the recording of every story should be worthy of its personal meaning, its depth of emotion, and its celebration of love and beauty.


Jorgo Kokkinidis


Jorgo is a world traveler and inspired explorer. His travel films leave a legacy of beautiful and courageous videos that make a statement. Jorgo's aim is to share his passion for travel and discovery. His works has been featured by Sony, National Geographic, Matador, and the Lonely Planet. 

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Marwa Ishow is a self taught artist. She studied Digital Graphic Design at Seneca College to help expand her creative skills. Her quest to evolve and grow as an artist is a never-ending process. She spent the past four years of her life traveling the world, meeting wonderful people and exposing herself to all the inspiration the world has to offer.



Artisanal costume designer / wardrobe

Ghazal khakrah is an emerging fashion designer and stylist based in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of La Rosa; an artisanal brand aiming to combine classic Persian aesthetics with minimalism and functionality. 
Ghazal’s formal education includes Theatre and the Dramatic Arts as well as Fashion Design. Sustenance is her first cinematic collaboration. 

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Artisan spoonCarver

I first and foremost have always considered myself to be a dirt farmer using various methods and preparations to enhance and enliven the vitality and bioavailability of nutrients in fertile living soils. My other studies and passions also include mycology, the healing properties of various plant medicines, exploring culinary arts for healing and sharing delicious nourishments.

 During my apprenticeship in Tuscany at the Windfire School of Tantric Yoga, I was gifted a set of carving tools that lead me to re-explore a childhood hobby of spoon carving. With these poor quality tools I at first created nothing but time consuming kindling but with my first few finished works, these pieces of functional beauty helped me acquire a fierce passion for the craft.

Since then, I have sought out blacksmiths who forge high quality tools solely for the purpose of carving spoon, bowls and kuksas. I am taken by a great joy in the creative artistry of working with a wide variety of woods to make useful quality utensils.  I feel there is still a lifelong journey ahead of me in the mastery of myself through the creation of these works of functional beauty.  Spoon carving has become both a spiritual practice and a source of income that I can take with me wherever I may go.  This current practice is consistent with my love of exploring nature, working with my hands, focusing the mind and supporting the elimination of single use plastic utensils for as many people as I can carve a spoon for their daily use.




From a young age, I’ve always been fascinated with photography. On my daily travels, I would see beautiful scenes and images. I would then frame that image in my mind’s eye to best capture what is occurring at that particular moment in time. 

Wanting to nurture my interests, my mother bought me my first camera when I expressed interest in pursuing a postsecondary degree in photography. Although my love for photography has never wither, it is my love for story telling that have grown. One of the many things that weaves us all together are our stories, our history, and the things that makes us uniquely us. There are many different mediums that can be employed to effectively tell a story at a particular time, and I use a few adequately namely photography, videography and music to feed my creative needs.  Seeing the world through other’s lens can be a great opportunity to understand what makes us uniquely human. Our similarities, differences, our fears, struggles, dream are some of the categories relatable to one another. To have the opportunity to grow and learn from each other is one of the greatest honors we have. I am happy that in some cases, I get to share in the process of sharing these unique and individualistic stories.



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